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Kamero launch their debut album

by: Siddiq Ansari
9 June, 2018

Nepali rock band Kamero launched their debut album, cryptically titled Absence Paradox, amid a function held at Purple Haze Rock Bar in Thamel over the weekend.

The event also saw the band perform alongside another Nepali progressive rock frontrunner Jindabaad, who performed the opening act of the show.

 Founded back in 2014, Kamero has prior to this released several singles, along with the acclaimed track Pragmatic Delusions, which is also included in the new album.  The new album comprises of nine tracks—Intro; Kram; Pragmatic Delusions; Sanchhyov (Chhennam); Freudian Slip; Nepenthe(s); and Triad—and runs for slightly over an hour.

 Kamero’s current line-up includes Manish Sainju (on vocals), Sushant Roy (on percussions), Suramya Sthapit and Bishwas Bhatta on the guitars, and Ritavrat Joshi on bass.

 The album is available for listen at the band’s official Youtube Channel.

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